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Pilots love to sit around telling airplane stories, but none I’ve ever heard can even come close to that of a really good friend of mine, Doug Downey.  Besides being an awesome guy, Doug is a retired USAF Lt Col who is an Academy grad and flew as a fighter pilot in the F-16 Viper and the F-117 Nighthawk.  Nighthawk pilots call themselves “Bandits” and each of the 558 Air Force pilots who have flown the F-117 has a Bandit number that started at 150 and added on sequentially from there.  Doug was the 500thpilot in the jet and flew with the call sign “Bandit 650.” 

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No matter how much money you spend upgrading your instrument panel with a new GPS flight computer and maybe EFIS, by far the most advanced computer system in your cockpit is still your own brain. In previous posts I detailed some of the incredible functions of our brain and how we can maximize our brain’s performance, or how we can be led astray by the natural tendency of our brain to react to stress and filter out noise.

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