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Way back in 1686, Marcello Malpighi, an Italian anatomy professor and also apparently quite a neat freak, seems to be the first guy who complained about the curious ridges, spirals and loop marks left by his students’ greasy hands on his nice clean desk. It wasn’t for another century, in 1788, that a German anatomist Johann Mayer figured out how fingerprint impressions were formed by the skin ridges at the end of our digits and still another 100 years, in 1880, that Henry Faulds published his studies that fingerprints are unique and everybody has a different pattern.  Although it’s taken 200 years to figure out that we all have different fingerprints, modern psychologists have taken only a few years to recognize another unique fingerprint that we all have, our own unique and personal fingerprints of errors.

For the full article see the AOPA website at:—part-one?_ga=2.14511860.230215008.1575309302-649318552.1568313326

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